These are some of the Insect pests we deal with.


Fleas (SIPHONAPTERA) sub order (ctenocephilides felis) Fleas are known as ecto parasite (external) Recognition features, small wingless insects Flattened from side to side and living ectoparasitically on mammals and birds, usually brown or black, the entire life cycle is spent in the vicinity of the host, only the adult flea feeds from its host ,fleas will leave their host from time to time to breed around the edges of the carpet, after you have treated your pets, you must then wash all the animals beds, and have the infective areas treated with a suitable chemical.

Several visits may be required to ensure the breeding cycle has been eliminated from the premises, Order, (hymenoptera) Wasps, Bees, ants There are approximately 120,000 known species through out the world of which, 6,500 of these insects are found in the British isles, They are varied in size, appearance, and habits, but the order can be split in to two well defined sub orders These are the SYMPHYTA, in which there is no waist, and the APOCRITA, IN which there is a very narrow waist, the order APORCRITA contains bees, wasps, and ants, these insects live in social groups.


Wasps (VESPULA VULGARIS, VESPULA GERMANICA) Wasps Can make nest sites in the loft, in the trees, or below ground, mostly causing a nuisance to us, only the new queen will survive over the winter and start the new nest site in the spring, the young queen had mated last autumn, once she has visualized the surroundings she will then fly to a tree then back to the loft until she has made a mental map of the area, while catching flies, and chewing bark from fruit trees mixed with surlier which she will construct the new nest, she makes several honeycombed compartments to lay the eggs which she has carried, the wasp larva stays in the honeycomb until the final stages of growth has been completed, then they visualize the surrounding area just like the queen had to do, Wasps are very visual they have two compound eyes and three simple eyes on the top of there heads this enables workers and drones to detect ultra violet light from plants so that they can gather nectar from plants to process food..

If you should find a live wasp nest do not attempt to remove or destroy it, call in a technician to deal with the problem, he will have the necessary personal protective equipment, plus contact dusts, or residual sprays, they are all covered by coshh regulations 1999, It is very important to remember each time you enter a loft space to look around and see if any nesting structures have appeared between early spring, and autumn, or check around the guttering to see if there are any wasps flying in or out, any vibration near the nest site will cause the queen to send out attack pheremones.

As we grow older we will become less immune to wasp stings, this symptom is called anaphalactic shock which can in some cases can cause death..


Ants (LASIUS NIGER) Black garden ants are the only indigenous British species that commonly enters houses they usually live in soil or under paving slabs, when an ant colony leaves the nest to forage for food they follow scent pheremones so that they can find a food source to collect, and then return to the nest safely by following the scent trail.

However due to excessive Application of pesticides, garden ants also prefer to nest inside our houses, during the hot summer months ants take to swarming, mating in flight, and finding new locations to establish new nest sites, Ant numbers are on the increase , the industries ant was a quote from aesops fables he mentions how hard an ant colony works through the summer months gathering food to store, ants have a farmer cattle relationship with aphids, ants will protect, and shelter the aphids, while the aphid feeds on a plant they excrete honey dew which the ants harvest, leaves are taken to the nest and stored to grow a fungus which is used as food .


Pharaohs Ants MONOMORIUM PHARAONIS) Pharaohs ants where originally from the tropics, however they can survive in any Centrally heated location, and are widely distributed through out the temperate regions, These ants are looking for proteins, like blood or fat, they can survive in hospitals, zoos, domestic premises, and food manufacturing premises, because these ants are so small they can become a real nuisance with many nest, and many queens, each queen can lay up to 300- 350 eggs, residual spray treatments are not recommended, granular, or gel baits are available, treatment times for this ant can be very extensive depending on how long this current infestation has been left to establish its self.


The grey squirrel was introduced from the USA into approximately 30 sites across the UK from 1876-1930. Grey squirrels can cause serious damage through their gnawing of cables, building structures and other vulnerable materials such as insulation as they search for food or nesting material.

They will readily inhabit lofts, attics and roof spaces as well as outbuildings. Signs of their presence will be scratching noises and droppings, however, these can be mistaken for rat droppings. They are not thought to carry human diseases but can bite if they are frightened.

In addition, grey squirrels may pass fleas to domestic animals which can be treated using animal flea treatments. If grey squirrels are infesting your roof space, they can be denied access by sealing up access routes using chicken wire. However, you must ensure that there are no young or adult squirrels in your loft space before carrying out proofing work. Entrances to loft spaces can often be unaccessable, so you may need to contact a pest control company to carry out the work for you. They will also be able to advise when to carry out pest control so as to avoid the breeding season.

Masonary bees, osmia & andrena species

Masonary bees, osmia & andrena species, These bees are solitary bees they make there nests behind the mortar between house bricks, chimney stacks, ridge tiles, and gable ends on roofs. Honey & bumble bees (APIS MELLIFERA, BOMBUS LUCORUM) Any pest controller would be very reluctant to poison these insects because they are harmless to humans unless provoked, bees are beneficial to the garden because they pollinate the plants and can be removed unharmed to a new location, some of are customers have homed bees that have been removed from a different location.


Bed bugs (CIMEX LECTULARIS) Bed bugs have been with us since we lived in the caves millions of years ago, when fully grown they are the size of a ladybird, bed bugs are nocturnal, hiding under seams around the bed or between the wooden frames, bed bugs go through an in complete metamorphosis, So the young bed bugs cannot be seen with the naked eye, because they are transparent until they reach adult hood, and they have acquired enough blood feeds to turn a reddish brown color, bed bugs can travel from other countries in your luggage, or they can lay dormant for over a year until the bed has for example been taken out of storage, and been placed in an other premises or a hostel, they can feel vibration or heat which attracts their attention, once full of blood they start to breed..

To treat an infestation can be extensive depending on how long the bed bugs have been left to breed, once bed bugs reach maturity they build up resistance to the chemicals, if you suspect any activity, call for a technician immediately to identify the problem, and treat all the infected areas, when bed bugs are in the nymphal stage elimination of this insect is more effective because there resistance is low.

To treat an infestation can be extensive depending on how long the bed bugs have been left to breed, once bed bugs reach maturity they build up resistance to the chemicals, if you suspect any activity, call for a technician immediately to identify the problem, and treat all the infected areas, when bed bugs are in the nymphal stage elimination of this insect is more effective because there resistance is low.

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